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Structuring and Tax Advice

We provide estate planning, structuring and tax advice to private clients and families in New Zealand and overseas.

Our view is that there is little point in accumulating wealth if that capital is to remain exposed to risk, both during the owner’s lifetime and thereafter.

Our estate planning and structuring advice ensures the protection of a family’s wealth, and provides for a seamless devolution of wealth on death.

Conflict Resolution

Kevin Jones has over 20 years experience in handling complex disputes from relationship property and executive employment matters to complex corporate disputes.

Kevin is an Associate member of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand Inc (“AMINZ”) and has taken many clients through highly complex disputes, with successful outcomes.

It is of the utmost importance to understand and manage any conflict situation from inception.

Business Structuring

What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. From start up to succession planning we will guide you through the choices regarding appropriate business structures for your venture. Trading trusts, limited partnerships and joint ventures may all be suitable alternatives to the traditional company or sole trader approach. Should the business be debt funded or issue shares? Should trading gains be isolated from capital gains? How can tax losses be best utilised? Let us help you find the solution which works best for you.

Relationship Property Advice

We can guide you through the legal minefield relating to relationship property. Whether you are starting out in a new relationship or ending one, or concerned that the next generation may suffer a dilution of family wealth as a result of relationship breakdown, we are able to assist you to work through the issues, fully understand what it is you are signing up for and ensure that you and your children are adequately protected.

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Moving to New Zealand
Tax & Legal Considerations

About Jones Law

We specialise in helping people moving to, or who have recently arrived in, New Zealand who want to better understand some of the key planning issues and ways of making the most of their status as new migrants to the country.

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Structuring Considerations
and Pre-migration Planning

About Jones Law

We provide advice and structuring assistance both pre and post migration to New Zealand and work closely with `families and their overseas advisers to achieve an optimum and tax efficient result.

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